Machine Learning

CSCI 567, Fall 2018

Haipeng Luo

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Homework Written Programming Due Date
HW 1 W1 P1 09/16, 11:59 PM
HW 2 W2 P2 10/07, 11:59 PM
HW 3 W3 P3 10/21, 11:59 PM
HW 4 W4 P4 11/04, 11:59 PM
HW 5 W5 11/18, 11:59 PM
Final Programming Project link 12/05, 11:59 PM

Grade: Each homework contains one written assignment and one programming task, which are 3% and 5% of the total grade respectively. Written assignments are graded based on effort and solutions will be posted later (so there is no incentive for any kind of cheating such as seeking solutions from previous years if you are really here to learn). Programming tasks are graded by scripts automatically.

Collaboration: permitted but only at high-level. Each member needs to make a separate submission, where information on collaboration is clearly stated. Standards on academic integrity are strictly enforced.

Turn-in: For written assignments, you will need to submit one single PDF file to D2L. This can be a scan copy of your handwritten solutions or generated by softwares like LaTeX. For programming assignments, You will need to get a Github repo and turn in by pushing your codes. Submissions by any other means are not accepted.

Late turn-in: You have a total of 5 "grace days". In order to use a grace day, you must submit this form. Please note that grace days are in place of "excused late" submissions, not in addition to. If you use up "grace days", then your late submission will be scored as 0. Tracking grace days is your responsibility.

Note: There is no grace period. Even if you submit a few minutes after the deadline, you will need to use a grace day (even if the wireless network in your dorm room is down or you have a GitHub issue, etc.). It is your job to be on time and not cut it too close. Remember Murphy's Law and leave time for things to "go wrong".


Exam Weight Date and Time Location
First Exam 30% 10/03, 5:00-7:00 PM THH 101 and THH 201
Second Exam 30% 11/28, 5:00-7:20 PM THH 101 and THH 201

Logistics: Exams are individual effort, closed-book and closed-notes. You will be provided with papers. Any electronics including digital watches are not allowed. Any requirements for you to bring to the exam will be announced well in advance. Students requiring alternate exam arrangements must make such requests within the first two weeks of the semester, or as soon as possible after knowing of the conflict or requirement.