Machine Learning

CSCI 567, Fall 2021

Haipeng Luo

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Written Assignments

Homework Due Date (Pacific Time) Graders
HW1 solutions 09/14, 11:59 PM Radhika, Ankit
HW2 solutions 09/28, 11:59 PM Shuo, Xiangbo
HW3 solutions 10/26, 11:59 PM Jiashu, Radhika
HW4 solutions 11/09, 11:59 PM Ankit, Shuo
HW5 solutions 11/23, 11:59 PM Xiangbo, Jiashu

Grade: Each assignment is worth 6% of the total grade. They are graded based on correctness, and solutions will be posted soon after the deadline. Trying to find solutions online or from any other sources is strictly prohibited and will result in zero grade for that assignment.

Turn-in: Submit one single PDF file to DEN. This can be a scan copy of your handwritten solutions or generated by softwares such as LaTeX.

Late turn-in: You have a total of three "late days" for the entire semester, and you can use at most one late day for each written assignment. If your submission is one day late, we will automatically record that one late day has been used, unless you have no late days left, in which case your grade for that assignment will be zero. Any submission more than one day late will result in zero grade as well. Please note that tracking late days is your responsibility, and they are in place of "excused late" submissions, not in addition to.

Re-grading: After each assignment is graded, you have a two-day window to contact the respective graders should you have any re-grading request (regarding factual errors only). You can do so during their office hours or via a private Piazza post. After the two-day window, no re-grading requests will be considered.


Quiz When (Pacific Time) Graders
Quiz 1 10/07, 5:00-7:30 PM All TAs
Quiz 2 12/02, 5:00-7:40 PM All TAs

General: Quizzes are individual effort and open-book. No collaboration of any kind or consultation from others is allowed. Cheating will result in zero grade. Some sample quizzes will be released and discussed in the discussion sessions. The date and time are finalized and fixed for these quizzes, so do not take this course if you know you cannot make these times due to conflicts.

Format: Each quiz is worth 20% of the total grade, and contains several multiple-choice questions as well as general problems (that are similar to the written assignments). We will be using Crowdmark, where you can upload pictures of your handwritten solutions for all problems. No printer is required, but make sure you have a device to take pictures. Also try your best to make sure that your handwriting is recognizable.

Logistics: The quizzes are in-class, where you will use the same link for the lectures to join Zoom and be assigned to a breakout room. Each room has one TA/grader to proctor the entire quiz, and you have to turn your camera on. It is your responsibility to make sure that your camera works. If you have any clarification questions during the quiz, make a private post on Piazza and it will be answered shortly.

Re-grading: Similarly to the written assignments, after each exam is graded, you have a two-day window to contact our TAs should you have any re-grading request (regarding factual errors only). You can do so during their office hours or via a private Piazza post. After the two-day window, no re-grading requests will be considered.

Programming Project (Due 12/14, 11:59PM, Pacific Time)

General: The programming project is worth 30% of the total grade. It consists of six programing tasks (in Python) on Vocareum. During the second week of the semester, you will receive an invitation to sign up (contact us if you do not receive it). All programing tasks are available starting from the second week as well. In other words, you have almost an entire semester to finish the project, and it is up to you whether you prefer to finish a task soon after the corresponding lecture to reinforce your understanding, or to do everything close to the end of the semester so you can focus on the theory first (which is admittedly more relevant to the written assignments and the quizzes).

Vocareum: Vocareum is an online platform that allows you to submit your code easily and then auto-grades it. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Below are some general instructions:

  • For each programming task, go to the "work" directory and read "readme.html", where you will find all instructions to finish that task.
  • It is recommended that you download all files from the "work" directory, code locally, and then upload the changes.
  • You are allowed to submit as many times as you want, and your grade is determined by your last submission.
  • After each submission, you get to see your grade along with the grading report immediately. It might take some time to grade your code though, especially if your code is not efficient enough. As a reference, our solution codes take at most a few minutes for each task.
  • Solutions code will not be released, and collaboration is also not allowed. However, each task comes with some test cases to help you debug, and the grading report also gives you hints on where your bugs might be.
  • If you have any questions on the project or on using Vocareum, our graders are happy to help you.

Due date: 12/14, 11:59PM, Pacific Time. Note that this is a strict deadline and no late days are allowed (in fact, not even one "late second"). You should definitely avoid submitting in the last minute to avoid any unexpected issues (e.g. Internet connection lost).