Current PhD Students

  • Soumita Hait (09/2023-present)

  • Tiancheng Jin (09/2019-present)

  • Chung-Wei Lee (09/2018-present)

  • Spandan Senapati (09/2023-present)

  • Yan Wen (09/2022-present, co-advised with Nicolas Schweighofer)

  • Dongze (Lyn) Ye (09/2023-present, co-advised with Nicolas Schweighofer)

  • Mengxiao Zhang (09/2018-present)

Current Undergraduate/Master Students

  • Ram Deo-Campo Vuong (06/2023-present)

Past PhD Students

  • Liyu Chen (05/2020-05/2023, Researcher at ByteDance)

  • Chen-Yu Wei (09/2017-06/2022, Assistant Professor at University of Virginia)

Past Undergraduate/Master Students

Past Visiting Students/Scholars

  • Yan Dai (11/2021-02/2023)

  • Dirk van der Hoeven (07/2019-08/2019, now postdoc at University of Milan)

  • Junyan Liu (04/2022-06/2023)

  • Chlo√© Rouyer (03/2023-05/2023, now postdoc at Montanuniversit√§t Leoben)

  • Peng Zhao (03/2021-03/2022, now Assistant Professor at Nanjing University)

  • Kai Zheng (01/2018-11/2018, now researcher at Kuaishou)

  • Julian Ulf Zimmert (11/2018-12/2018, now research scientist at Google)